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Direct sea freight route links Kaohsiung with Pingtan

KAOHSIUNG - A direct sea freight route opened Saturday between Taiwan's Kaohsiung and Pingtan in Fujian Province, drastically shortening the time of farm produce from the island entering the mainland market.

A freighter, operated by Taiwan trade shipping agency Wagon, departed from a port in Kaohsiung for Pingtan on Saturday afternoon.

The 178-nautical mile journey between the two cities will be shortened from two or three days to just nine hours after the opening of the new route.

T[MG_SEO]he freighter was loaded with over 700 tonnes of fruit, vegetables and liquid crystal display panels, worth over 15 million yuan ($2.2 million).

All the items were purchased by trade enterprises from Pingtan.

Han Kuo-yu, mayor of Kaohsiung, said that he expected more higregister wristbandh-quality products manufactured in Kaohsiung, including farm produce, to be shipped to the mainland market.